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Kirovent has High performances in moving huge air volumes for factories, workshop areas and agriculture applicatios.

Manufacturing features :

Steel Casing, bell mouth inlet, impellers balanced in compliance with ISO 1940 standard
  •  External rotor motor.
  • Ball bearing.
  • Motor support with safety guard.
  • Epoxy resin powder anticorrosive finishing , zinc phosphate treated and kilndried at 200°c.
  • CI.F winding protected by impedance or by thermal cut-out.
  • Class F insulation and IP 54 protection.
  • Balancing G2.5.
  • Bichromate finguer guard.
  • Fitted and connected capacitor.

Wiring Diagrams

  • U1=Brown
  • U2 = Black
  • U3=Blue
  • Green – Yellow
  • C=Capacitor

Air Direction


Kirovent axial fans are available in two air directions A or V.